Henna vs. Hair Dyes

Henna and hair dyes, both are used to color hair to make it look pretty. Let’s compare both the products to see advantages and disadvantages in using them. 


Please note that this is just a comparison between both henna and hair dye. I am not giving any advice on a particular product. This is just an attempt to help choose the good one for hair. And this is just my opinion regarding both henna and hair dyes. 

Uses all natural ingredients that go easy on the hair.

Keeps hair shiny, healthy and soft.

Keeps hair away from split ends.

Doesn’t cause any side effects or harm to the hair.

Strengthens the hair.

This is plant-based so doesn’t ruin the hair cuticle.

Makes hair look pretty!
Easy to prepare with less work.

Instant Results. Hair gets desired color immediately after applying.

Comes in different shades of color to choose from.

Makes hair look pretty!
Need to prepare a day ahead. Involves some work.

Need to apply repeatedly (almost every 15 days) for best results.

Gives only a single shade of color.
Uses chemicals as ingredients that might cause some skin irritations, hair loss, burning, swelling of the scalp, itchiness etc.

The hair may become dry, form split ends, and begin to break.

Some studies show that certain permanent hair dyes might cause cancer in women.

Little expensive compared to Henna.

If you choose Henna to dye your hair, here is how to prepare henna at home. Click the link below: