Mend those Split Ends

The ends of hair that have split into strands are called Split Ends.

The causes for split ends are:

The natural protective oils of the scalp fail to reach the ends of the hair, as it grows. The reason for this is getting too much exposure to the sun, going through too many shampoos, use of hair dryers and hot irons. The hair gets brittle at the end due to dryness and gives way to split.

Split ends are most often seen in long hair but also occur in short hair that is not in good condition. This can be a problem for anyone trying to grow his or her hair.

The Solution:

The split ends have no permanent cure. The best cure for the split ends is to cut them off. The hair should be trimmed frequently to avoid the split ends. The split ends grows faster than the hair. If they were not treated in time they would spoil the health of the hair.

Exposure to excess heat and too much brushing and combing should be avoided.

If you want to grew your hair long don’t ignore the split ends, because, as they split they also break away making your hair get shorter every time you brush it!

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